Bombshell Sweets started out as a gourmet cotton candy company looking to re-invent the cotton candy industry. Our success in making amazing Cotton Candy encouraged us to look into other ways to translate our awesome flavors into other product lines as well. Our unique and innovative flavors create a culinary experience for consumers of all ages.  


To see our products and processes generate blessings for our licensees and customers.


Create innovative and flavorful products with a unique business model that generates income for our network of licensees.


Shared Success

How are we different?

We have a unique product that is unlike normal cotton candy. We use all-natural cane sugar and a proprietary flavor process that increases the flavor profile up to 5 times the normal taste.

We have also ported our cotton candy flavors across other product lines like Hot Chocolate and Atomic Chill flavor syrups to create amazing products in different sales channels that both work independently and synergize well together.

In line with our desire to share our success, we have created a licensee program that allows people around the US to make and sell our flavor-infused products locally. Our basic sales model provides an opportunity for our licensees to make $10-$20k extra per year selling at local events. Innovative entrepreneurs can take their business based on our products to greater heights as they embrace the flexibility and potential of our synergistic brands of products along with the opportunities in their area. With 70% profit margins and a low startup fee, our licensee program has an incredible ability to grow in the next few years.

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