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Cold Idaho winters create great opportunities that Jeff Harris had to take advantage of it. Sitting in his house in 2018, he imagined a cotton candy that would be unlike anything on the market. He wanted something that would explode with flavor in your mouth. Something that would take you to another place. He wanted to re-invent cotton candy.

Aspartame, Colors and white sugar.
Come on people we can do better.

After months of experimenting and failed attempts Jeff found the secret. He launched with new flavors and sold out his first four events. After doing this part time, Jeff realized that this could become something more. 

Enter Tim. Tim is an entrepreneur who helps people understand their calling and empower them to thrive in that. With a successful appearance on Shark Tank, Tim could be a valuable addition to the team. In February 2019, Jeff and Tim started on the journey that brings us to today.

Our passion is to create an experience in your mouth, something that will make you rethink cotton candy forever.