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Cupid's Crush is our February Flavor of the month.  Finally a heart throb you can sink your teeth into. 

Cherry Bomb is our Spotlight flavor of the month.  This tasty combination can always be counted on to bring the heat.

Both are available as Cotton Candy or POP.

  • Gourmet Cotton Candy

    Our Gourmet Cotton candy is the product which launched Bombshell Sweets. It comes in over 70 amazing flavors and is beloved by Children and Adults.

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  • Sugar Rush

    Sugar Rush converts our flavors to gourmet sugars for you to do with as you will.

    From mild to extremely sour, the flavor is in your hands.

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  • Artisan Hot Chocolate

    Nothing beats Hot Chocolate on a cold day, except for Hot Chocolate infused with our flavors.

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  • PoP

    One of our newest taste sensations, PoP is a gourmet popcorn created by coating high quality popcorn with a candy shell made from our flavors.

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  • We have more products waiting in the wings.

    Atomic Chill is going to amaze your taste buds. We can't wait to show you what we've come up with.

  • Atomic Chill

    Syrups made from our flavors which can be used for Shaved ice, Snow Cones and drinks or whatever you imagine.

  • Diane

    "Unbelievable Flavors that melt in your mouth"

  • John

    "Gone are the days of pink and blue, Say Hello to Taste!"

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Gourmet Cotton Candy

Our Gourmet Cotton Candy leaves the others in the dust. We have created over 70 amazing flavors to tantalize your taste buds, including options which are seasonal, fruity, tart, and even some which are spicy!

Feed your craving!

Hot Cocoa

We've paired the traditional taste of hot cocoa with some of our signature flavors to bring you a new culinary experience.

Whether you look forward to a rich cup of hot cocoa to start your morning or love to sip chocolate while staring at the rain or snow outside, this treat was made for you.

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Sugar Rush

Dip it. Top it. Coat it. Eat it.

We've taken over 25 of our best flavors and have opened up an opportunity for you to use them in your own ways.  Imagine what you can do with gourmet sugars bursting with our rich flavors.

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Imagine combining our amazing rich flavors with your favorite Popcorn. Well you don't have to imagine it anymore. Introducing PoP, our gourmet Popcorn product which combines high quality Popcorn with a candy shell utilizing our amazing flavors.

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Start your own Business

We have a unique business opportunity called the Licensee Program where people from all over the US can create their own business selling Bombshell Sweets cotton candy.

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