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Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush

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Sour Level

Sugar Rush is the amazing new way to add more flavor to your life. 

We've taken over 25 of our best flavors and have opened up an opportunity for you to use them in your own ways.  Imagine what you can do with gourmet sugars bursting with our rich flavors.

 Dip It: Take your other candies or food to another level by dipping them in your favorite flavor. Coat it: Try a coating of one of our sugars on the rim of your next cocktail glass.
Top it: Ice cream, popcorn, chips are all taken to the next level with our gourmet sugars on top. Eat it: Go ahead and try some straight from the container.  It tastes amazing!

Imagine a sugar cookie, but instead of regular sugar on top, it tastes like green apple or watermelon peach or huckleberry lemonade!  Now your starting to get a glimpse of the possibilities.

If that wasn't enough, Sugar Rush comes in three levels of sourness to match with all types of needs.

Mild: The regular level of sourness in our flavors. For most flavors, it will have no sourness.

Wild: A moderate level of sourness. Perfect way to add a little sour to your flavor experience.

Extreme: Enough pucker-power for even the most ardent lovers of all things sour. Not for the faint of heart.

What can you do with the flavor?

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