Putting “FUND” back into  FundRaising
Why BombShell Sweets?
  • Our unique take on cotton candy is creating a buzz and people love the product.
  • When people sample the product 75% buy right then.
  • We provide the finishing product so you don’t need to do anything but find the event, staff and sell.  
  • We encourage you to put out a tip jar...and yes you keep 100% of that.
  • Not uncommon to take home $500 or more
  • Holiday Fundraising Order program coming this Winter 
1) Find a location or event to sell at.  Local retail locations such as Fred Meyers & Wal-Mart are great places to start.  Also local events, school functions and sporting events such as high school football is a great place to start. When it comes to event please check with us to make sure it’s not an event that we are already attending.
2) Pick a date and get your team/group on board.
3) Contact us... email us at or call 208-718-2692
4) 1 week out from the event start promoting on Facebook through your group page and individual pages.  We provide graphics and script to help with this.  
5) 1-2 days prior to the event we will provide you all the product and equipment to setup and point of sale equipment for recording transactions.
6) Day of the event: Arrive to the location or event 30-45 beefore start time.  Setup the booth and start selling.  We will provide you a brief training as well as written FAQ’s and tips to help your team be succesful.
7) At the end of the event we will take back all the unsold product and cut you a check for 50% of sales, right there on the’s that easy!